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Orion Aero Training Details

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Private Pilot Certificate

The FAA Private Pilot Certificate allows you to fly a variety of single-engine general aviation aircraft by yourself and with passengers, day or night, as far as you want to go.

This is the foundation for your adventures as a pilot.

It involves dual instruction in a training aircraft, solo flying practice, a written exam and an FAA oral and flying test. It typically takes about 60 hours of hands-on flight training and 50-60 hours of ground study.

I train Private Pilots in the Cessna 172S training aircraft, based at Gnoss Field. 

Aircraft rental is $180/hour, instructor time is $75/hour

Basic Aerobatics

Learning how to control an airplane beyond the simple the gentle turns, climbs and descents of the private private pilot syllabus is a thrilling yet refined flying experience that takes regular pilots and brings their aircraft handling skills up to the next level.


Our Aerobatic training is tailored to individual goals: Spin training and endorsements, basic aerobatic maneuvers, or emergency unusual attitude recoveries. Ask for details.

I teach basic aerobatics in a Pitts Special S2B biplane. Aircraft rental is $300/hour, instructor time is $75/hour.

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Tailwheel Training

Learning to fly a tailwheel airplane opens up a huge catalog of interesting aircraft to fly like: vintage, warbird, aerobatic, and back-country airplanes.

On top of the additional aircraft opportunities, training for your tailwheel endorsement will make you much better pilot, in general.

Training aircraft details coming soon, stay-tuned. 

Glass Cockpit & High-Performance

Modern, single-engine aircraft can give you the freedom to fly far and fast with huge amounts of modern technology at your fingertips in the cockpit.


Glass Cockpit transitions are available in a Diamond DA40 with Garmin G1000.

Aircraft rental is $195/hour, instructor time is $75/hour. 

High-performance transitions are available in a Columbia 400. Aircraft rental is $325/hour and instructor time is $75/hour. 

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