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Orion Aero

Orion Aero is operated by Hogarth "Hoagy" de la Plante. I am a commercial, multiengine, instrument rated pilot and Certified Flight Instructor with 20 years of flight experience in everything from an 86-passenger jet airliner to an aerobatic biplane that would fit in your living room.


I have been obsessed with flight in all forms since I was a toddler. I worked as an airline pilot for a regional airline, but decided that I preferred the variety and challenge of flying small, general aviation airplanes and skydiving. I direct videogames when I'm not flying. 

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Sharing the endless joy of flying is my passion and teaching people how to fly is my favorite way to share it.


I currently teach in a variety of aircraft, but my 1997 Pitts Special biplane continues to be the most challenging & rewarding airplane I've ever flown. Come hang out with me at Gnoss Field in Marin County, California and we can take it for a spin or three.

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My buddy and mascot, Orion

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