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Primary Flight Training

& Basic Aerobatics

Great Lakes Biplane.jpg

There are people with a pilot's license & there are aviators.

Orion Aero teaches people how to aviate, from primary training, through advanced aircraft transitions and basic aerobatics.


We operate out of Gnoss Field in Marin County and Hayward Executive Airport in the East Bay, both in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the best places to fly in North America.

Cessna 5342t.jpg

Primary flight training - from zero time to the FAA Private Pilot's Certificate 

Orion Aero's primary flight trainer is the venerable Cessna 172S

Pitts Side.jpg

Learn how to really fly an airplane in all attitudes

I teach basic aerobatics, spins and unusual attitude recoveries in the Pitts S2B aerobatic biplane.


Technically Advanced Aircraft and glass cockpit transitions

I teach glass cockpit transitions in a G1000 simulator and Diamond DA40 Aircraft (based at Hayward Executive Airport). 

Columbia 400 1.jpg

High-performance piston aircraft transitions

Earn a high-performance endorsement by enrolling in the Columbia-400 aircraft checkout. Fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than 2 hours.

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